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Treatment Protocol

Your colon hydrotherapy treatment may stimulate, in the next few hours, several bowel movements. However, these will not be sudden, uncontrollable, or painful. Rather, it will be the colon performing its function of eliminating waste efficiently.

On the other hand, when the colon is weak or sluggish and you have had chronic constipation there my be no bowel movement for several days. This is a strong indication that you will need further treatment and should follow up with at least one more colonic. It is highly recommended to do 3 sessions for a complete colon cleanse.

The removal of toxins can cause symptoms similar to feeling unwell. This is a sign that the cleansing has truly begun! Remember the distinction between disease and healing is that healing is the releasing of problems associated with and from your unhealthy past, and a necessary part of your detoxification journey.

Self Care

After Treatment

We strongly believe that

Our Health is Our Responsibility

We believe there is no greater gift that you can give yourself than the gift of health, energy and vitality. Your health profoundly impacts everything you think, do, enjoy, create and experience.

Here at Lubbock Colon Hydrotherapy we encourage clients to take charge of their own health and become responsible for their body. We believe that our body is our temple.

By taking time to thoroughly cleanse our bodies with Colon Hydrotherapy and the right nutritional support, we are able to break poor food habits that lead to an acidic lifestyle. The result is that you will not only feel better and experience greater energy, but you will help to restore the body natural state balance.