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Colonic Limitations &


What are the contraindications (conditions) that could prevent me from receiving colon hydrotherapy?

A contraindication is any indication or symptom that makes it inadvisable to use a particular therapy. Please call us at 806-777-2522 if you believe you have a contraindication. We will help clarify your situation and ensure that your next step is a solid one!

Please do your research to determine for yourself whether colonics on our OPEN Gravity Fed Colonic Device are good for you and your health situation before making your appointment. You assume all responsibility to know whether or not you can do colonics on our system, and you assume all risk, both physical and financial, in undergoing colonics with Colon Care, LLC and hold all representatives entirely blameless.

The following are contraindications for colon hydrotherapy. If any of these apply to you, we will NOT perform colon hydrotherapy with you IF you have a contraindication UNLESS you have a PRESCRIPTION from your licensed physician. Even then, we reserve the right to refuse service.

  • Carcinoma of the rectum.

  • Congestive heart failure.

  • Uncontrolled hypertension.

  • History of seizures.

  • Rectal or abdominal tumors.

  • Acute abdominal pain (please call us to clarify).

  • Abdominal surgery*

  • Intestinal perforation.

  • Abdominal hernia.

  • Recent colon or rectal surgery.

  • Diverticulitis.

  • Recent history of GI or rectal bleeding.

  • General debilitation.

  • Fissures or fistula.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Ulcerative colitis.

  • Acute Crohn’s disease.

  • Cancer of the colon or GI (gastro intestinal) tract.

  • Recent heart attack.

  • General debilitation.

  • Vascular aneurism.

  • Renal insufficiency.

  • Epilepsy or psychoses.

  • Severe hemorrhoids.

* Please call us to inquire about your situation as this does not apply to all surgeries.

If you have any of these contraindications you may still be eligible to receive colon hydrotherapy once they have subsided or been eliminated.

If you are ever in question please call us at 806-777-2522